Hanging By a Moment

There's nothing else to lose,
There's nothing else to find,
There's nothing in the world,
That can change my mind .


I swear! If i see one more person complain about the ice challenge on my Facebook, I’m gonna explode on them.

Does seeing a 10 second ice challenge video pain you? 

Are you physically unable to just scroll past the video?

Is someone FORCING you to watch them? all 10 seconds of it…

Do these videos cause your muscles to stiffen and cause you to lose motor skills and paralyze you like ALS does? 

I’m pretty sure the answer to all of these is a big fat fucking NO.

So shut the fuck up about your complaints, because people really don’t give a shit if you think its stupid. No one is forcing you to do it. People are saying “this ice water challenge is dumb and pointless. all these videos mean they haven’t even donated so how is it even causing awareness?’ well have YOU donated? Have you helped a great cause? Probably not. You just want to sit on your high horse and pretend youre too good to get involved in something with a purpose. 

There are people who do the challenge AND donate. Yeah, not every one does. Yeah, it is a waste of water, but it HAS brought soooooo much awareness. You don’t even HAVE to do the ice challenge, no one is asking you too. Its just a fun way to pass the idea and the awareness on. Honestly, how many people would pay attention to a little status that says “Donate to ALS today!” No one would. SO many people, myself included, didn’t even know what ALS was. Now people do. Even though the video is a silly way to bring about the awareness of ALS, it worked. They raised 13 times what they had last year. 

Think of the bright side, these videos, the ones with a purpose, are only gonna last a few more weeks. Then the pointless cat videos and vines will pop back up, don’t worry.

Until then, shut your fucking mouth and ignore the videos. You don’t appreciate them, but i sure as hell bet the people with ALS do. 

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